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Kronoos is a compliance platform that researches, from the Brazilian Taxpayer number (CPF or CNPJ), through cutting-edge technologies for data mining and crawling, whether a person or company, their partners or family members, are involved in fraud, corruption, money laundering, terrorism, environmental crimes or involvement with slave and child labor employment, etc. It also indicates whether the person is politically exposed or not and provides continuous monitoring of the targets.

PEP - Politically Exposed Persons

Kronoos has a highly structured database, with all politically exposed persons,

as defined by COREMEC (Brazilian Committee of Regulation and Supervision of Financial, Capital, Insurance, Pension Plans and Capitalization), including their families, partners and companies which have an equity interest. The system is constantly updated with the change of ministries, public companies boards of directors, composition of the Brazilian Supreme Courts, etc.



The platform is focused on the implementation of social and environmental

responsibility policies, allowing our clientele to detect whether a person or company, their partners or family members, have involvement with Environmental Crimes, Slave and Child Labor Employment, Crimes against Labour Organization, Crimes against Children and Adolescents - Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA), etc.


Antifraud, Money Laundering and Terrorism

Kronoos is a high performance solution, which extracts relevant information

from research sources such as the IRS, Justice Courts, Official Gazettes, Restrictive Lists, Credit Bureaus, Public Bidding, Google, Registration Data, UN sites, OFAC, INTERPOL, etc. in the form of fully structured data, optimizing the most of the time analysis of information collected.



Kronoos is updated daily with news monitoring and digital clipping of

everything that happens in Brazil related to corruption scandals, money laundering, fraud, terrorism and more. That enables our customers to consult these information when searching the CPF or CNPJ of the target. It detects even if the target, their families or partners have been involved in a corruption scandal in the past 25 years.


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Kronoos is the ideal application for you to know more about your clients, suppliers, workers and business partners.

Main features

Information in form of Dossier

Corporate Tree Graphic

Family Tree Graphic

PEP Holders and Secondary

Participation in Public Bidding

Secure and Encrypted Storage

Search in Official Gazettes and Courts

Continuous Monitoring and Alerts

API Kronoos and Marketplace

Daily Clipping

Integration SAP ™ Totvs ™ and others

Customized Modules

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